Stock trading online has become ever more popular as more and more people sour from "get rich quick" schemes polluting the internet. Sooner or later, those truly committed to finding a way of making a stable living online find themselves holding a guide to stock market trading online or Forex. The reason is simply because swing trading is a solid, time-tested method of achieving that goal. Swing trading existed long before the internet came along with its new generation of scammers using MLM downlines and bogus sales pages and sophisticated recruiting methods to sell false hope to very real dreamers.

No, the stock market doesn't need the internet. Nor does it need you. It doesn't want you. It doesn't care about you. It doesn't even know you exist. The stock market has as much want for you as an empty roller coaster seat for a passenger. Filled or not, it just keeps chugging along, clinking and surging, lunging and plunging, coasting and careening. That's the truth about stock market investing. You're both everybody and nobody, whether you're trading stocks online or off, with your kid's lunch money or college money.

But here's the deal. All of this is a good thing. Yes, good. Volatility - stock prices soaring high and lumbering low, regardless of who's along for the ride - is what makes it possible to earn a living from swing trading online. It is also what makes it impossible for scammers to take advantage of poor Joe Shmoe, who's just looking for a way to escape the "grind" to which he's been a slave for as long as he can remember. Swing trading online, fueled by volatility, offers a very real, very sound exit strategy from a life of cheap-paying bosses and dead-end ID-number jobs.

Of course, that's if you know what you're doing. Which brings us to the point of our site.

Stock Market Trading Online was designed to provide the basic tools you'll need to learn how to trade stocks online and make some real money doing it. We recommend you review this site as well as other stock trading sites before you start shopping for a brokerage. The stock market is no place for the uninformed. It'll turn your lights out just as soon as you've turned them on if you try going in unprepared. And by unprepared, we're not talking about a few weeks or so of research. If you're only interested in dabbling and don't mind losing a few bucks, fine. Otherwise, be prepared to buckle down and get with the program.

And speaking of programs, if negotiating the long and difficult learning curve doesn't sound like your cup of tea, there are other options for novice traders to pursue that can level the playing field a bit. One of these options (the best we've come across) is a clever little stock picking robot called Stock Assault 2.0. This thing has made waves in the online stock trading world ever since it came out, and from what we've been able to gather, it shows no signs of letting up. And that's not usually the case.

Often times when software promising the moon and stars hits the market, people scramble to get their copy, use it, clamor about it like it's gold in a silver wrapper, then... nothing. The buzz turns to fuzz as users slowly begin to see that what they thought was gold was actually bronze, and not in a silver wrapper, but aluminum. Generally what happens next is the creator resorts to special deals and discounts, promotional giveaways, joint ventures - whatever he can to right the money train. But by then it's a fire sale. It's just a matter of time before the software becomes a part of somebody's giveaway package.

Stock Assault 2.0 has stood the test of time however. And while that is remarkable in its own right, what is truly remarkable is why it has stood that test. What Stock Assault does is use artificial intelligence technology to analyze endless streams of stock data to determine optimum buy and sell points. Basically that's what every highly dedicated, highly skilled, highly motivated broker does. The difference is, Stock Assault isn't human, which is to say it isn't limited. It's capable of analyzing every stock in its database in real time all the time, paying equal attention to each one, 24 hours a day.

What Stock Assault 2.0 does is very simple. How it does it is not. If you're skeptical that it will work as promised, simply download the software and test drive it using play money. Grab a practice account at any online brokerage (Sogotrade or Options House are very user friendly), then just buy and sell stocks using picks from Stock Assault 2.0 for at least 30 days. What you'll discover is that not every single trade will be profitable (and sometimes you'll even be in the red), but the significant majority of the trades will be winners. And by investing the same amount in each pick, a positive return is guaranteed. Like we said, the proof is in the pudding.

Thanks for visiting Stock Market Trading Online! We hope the site helps you succeed in the world of online stock trading.

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